Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service

Upon the first use of the AppOn website’s services — any and all https://AppOn.io services and apps including but not limited to the Apps Application, — you agree to observe, meet and be bound by AppOn’s terms and conditions as outlined in the following Terms of Service Contract.

At its own digression, AppOn reserves the right to modify, update or remove any portion of these Terms of Service without providing prior notice. All modifications, updates and eliminations to the AppOn.io website or AppOn services — as well as any new services offered — are subject to AppOn’s Terms of Service. Use of the AppOn website or services following a ratification(s) to the Terms of Service or the use of new products constitutes an agreement to the new Terms of Services on your part.

The latest version of AppOn’s Terms of Service is available at https://AppOn.io/service-terms.

Violation of the Terms of Service, partial or otherwise, will result in your account being terminated. AppOn is not responsible for the content posted by users and AppOn is not responsible for materials to which you may be exposed. Use of the AppOn website and services is voluntary and you assume all associated risk. AppOn is not liable for what you encounter using or viewing the AppOn website, software or App Application.

Account Terms

To use the AppOn website or services, you must be 13 years of age or older.

Registering accounts via automated methods (bots) is not permitted. Human registration only.

Maintaining the security of your account is your responsibility. You are liable for the safeguarding of your password and any other private or personal information you provide AppOn during registration. If you fail to comply with your security obligation, AppOn will not be liable for loss or damages.

All content posted from your account is your responsibility. This includes content posted from your account by a third party. Even if you are unaware of the content or the use of your account, you are liable for the content.

The AppOn website and apps are not to be used for illegal or unauthorized purposes. As a condition of the terms and services, you agree not to violate the laws governing the jurisdiction from which you use AppOn.io services. This includes, but is not limited to, copyright laws and intellectual property rights.

Payments and Refund Terms

All payments must be made using a valid and approved credit card.

Account setup fees, partial-month service use, refunds for upgrading or downgrading, and payments made for unused months of service will not be credited nor refunded. There are no exceptions. AppOn does not refund money for any reason and credit is given only in special circumstances. Such cases are determined on a case by case basis.

You are responsible for taxes, levies, and/or duties — for Swedish transactions AppOn add the taxes (moms) to the pricing — imposed by taxing authorities in your jurisdiction.

Using industry standards, AppOn will lobby for the approval of your apps with your mobile service provider. However, if in the unlikely chance your app is rejected (after 5 times in a row) by a service provider, you may cancel your account. Though the odds of your app’s approval are high, AppOn does not guarantee application approval with a mobile service provider and no refunds will be given — under any circumstances — in case of a rejection(s)

Cancellation and Termination

Termination – The terms of this Agreement are valid from the activation of an account until
1) the account is terminated per the terms of this Agreement or by any ratification of this Agreement or
2) this Agreement is replaced with another agreement.

Cancellation – In order to avoid being charged for a full month, you must cancel your account prior to the last day of the billing cycle. Billing includes service fees and state and/or federal taxes. Any fees paid prior to cancellation are not subject to refund. Again, AppOn does not refund partial months of service. If you cancel your account with outstanding charges pending, you are responsible for paying all charges for all services remaining in the Term in full.

Your Cancellation Obligations – Within 72 hours of you having sent an email to support@AppOn.io, a service representative will respond to a confirmation email. Prior to the cancellation of your account, you must verify your account information over the phone with a representative to ensure the cancellation is legitimate. If the exit interview does not occur within 2 weeks of receipt of the confirmation email, the account will be billed and will remain open.

AppOn reserves the right to refuse service to any one for any reason at any time.

Service and Price Modifications

AppOn reserves the right to modify, amend, expand or eliminate any part or all of the service agreement and can do so without giving prior notice. AppOn is not liable to customers nor third parties if such a modification, price change, account suspension or service discontinuance occurs. AppOn reserves the right to make changes to billing and service terms without giving prior notification.

Though AppOn makes every attempt to keep customers advised of modifications, additions and the removal of features from the AppOn application, updates may occur from time to time without prior notice.

General Conditions

You assume all risk by using the AppOn website and/or software. The AppOn site, App Application and software are provided as is and on an as available basis. AppOn makes no guarantees with respect to upgrades, modifications, improvements nor adjustments to the AppOn website, software, nor the App Application.

Technical support can be reached via email at support@AppOn.io.

Again, by using the AppOn website, App Application or AppOn software, you consent to allow others to use, reuse and distribute your content as well as reproduce and simulate the content in any multimedia or digital form using any technology chosen for any purpose related to AppOn services.

By using the AppOn website, App Application or AppOn software, you are acknowledging that you are aware AppOn uses third party vendors and hosting partners to provide support hard and software, networking, storage and other technologies required to run the AppOn service.

By using the AppOn service, you agree not to hack, modify or change the AppOn website, App Application or AppOn software nor use AppOn branding to imply a website is associated with AppOn under false pretenses without the express written consent of AppOn.

AppOn reserves the right, but is under no obligation, to remove content deemed inflammatory, defamatory, libelous, offensive, pornographic, threatening, obscene or objectionable in any other manner per the Terms of Services and can do so without giving notification.

Abusing or threatening an AppOn employee, agent, member or administrator is grounds for immediate termination of one’s AppOn account.

Spam email sent to AppOn from an account holding member is grounds for immediate termination of one’s account. Spam includes anything from a sales pitch to a series of related emails to promotion offers and requests for donations but is not limited only to emails of this nature.

AppOn does not guarantee, assure nor warrant that the service will meet your requirements needs in any specific manner; that the service will be uninterrupted, secure, free of glitches, bugs and/or errors; that the service will be reliable, dependable nor accurate; that a modicum of quality will be met with respect to any of the services nor products; nor that the system will be repaired in a timely manner if at all.

By using the AppOn website, App Application or AppOn software, you acknowledge that you understand and agree that AppOn is not liable for damages — direct or indirect — associated with the use of AppOn’s products or services. AppOn will not be responsible for exemplary damages, loss of profits, intangible losses nor the loss of data resulting from: system or software failure; costs accrued as a result of having to find and procure a different service provider; unauthorized use of your account or personal information due to a security breech; the conduct of third parties or other AppOn users; or any other matter related to the AppOn website, App Application or AppOn software.

AppOn’s failure to enforce the terms and conditions or exercise its right to take action does not qualify as a waiver of misconduct. There are no term limits nor expiration dates for the terms of service as long as an account is open. The terms of service are a binding agreement between account holders and AppOn.

Under no circumstances does AppOn’s liability exceed the amount you have paid the service over the span of a 12 month period.