Apps do more than provide endless hours of mindless entertainment, swapping out colored pieces of candy or chasing Pokemon creatures. In today’s global economy, apps are vital for the success of business. With the number of smartphones and mobile devices landing in the population’s hands skyrocketing, apps are quickly becoming the way to communicate. In fact, business reports are predicting that 6.1 billion people will own a smartphone by the year 2020.

With that in mind, below are four reasons why an app can help your business grow, and maybe even skyrocket:

4. An app puts your business on a smartphone’s home screen

What are smartphones and mobile devices but a collection of apps? So, every time users whip out their phones and scroll through their screens, they are passing by your app. Not only will this make your business more visible, but it will – potentially astronomically – increase the chances that users will click your app when they want your product.

3. Apps build customer loyalty

Apps by themselves engender a certain amount of loyalty since they can be permanent fixtures on a smartphone. But if your business throws in rewards, like loyalty cards or discount deals, then your app is harnessing that deeper, time-tested loyalty all businesses want from their customers.

2. Your customers do a lot of marketing for you

Social media is not the only way to market your business, but hey, it can’t hurt! Actually, an app that links to social media, and encourages your customers to share their experiences with your business harkens back to the age-old marketing technique: word-of-mouth. Picture it: one customer has a great experience and posts it for 2,000 of their closest Facebook friends to see. The possibilities are endless.

1. Your business can operate online!

No matter how big, or small, your business can have an online presence thanks to an app. You can make your entire product catalog available, include online ordering forms, or any type of transaction interface you need, and extend your reach far beyond the confines of your own neighborhood. Your business could truly reach a global audience, even if it’s based in a town so small it doesn’t appear on a map!

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