Four ways an app helps your business grow

Apps do more than provide endless hours of mindless entertainment, swapping out colored pieces of candy or chasing Pokemon creatures. In today’s global economy, apps are vital for the success of business. With the number of smartphones and mobile devices landing in the population’s hands skyrocketing, apps are quickly becoming the way to communicate. […]

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5 reasons to partner with AppOn today

It doesn’t matter if you are a designer, SEO consultant, web agency, or an emerging app-builder—if you are looking for the most intelligent, reliable, and fully customizable app development tool available online, check out: AppOn. Partnering with AppOn means the highest level of service and unique access to custom features, only visible for AppOn […]

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Build Customer Loyalty with Apps

If you are one of the 2.6 billion people who own a smart phone, you are familiar with apps. You use them every time you are on your phone to do things like access your bank accounts, your social media platforms, your music library, or your cloud storage. You also use them to read […]

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Think You Can’t Have an App? Meet Tasnim Ahmed

“There’s an app for that!” We all know the words and cannot deny their veracity – there is an app that lets your cat play video games, for crying out loud. But with so many apps available, is it really worth your time and effort to create your own?


With smartphone usage on the rise […]

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